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She said that she wanted a book deal so instead I made her a blog. (Katie: I don't want a book deal, I want attention, but if I get a book deal, then I can buy attention.)

Katie's campers:Are you a cat person?
Katie's campers:So are you a dog person?
Katie:Not really.
Katie's campers:So what animals do you you like?
Katie:I hate all animals.
Katie:All people too!
— 5 days ago
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Katie:Can I tell you a secret, Lissi?
Katie:There was mold in the wet nori, and we put it on the spam musubi anyway!
— 2 weeks ago
Katie:I finally had a cheeseburger, and I gotta say, I'm not that impressed.
Katie:I don't see what all of the hype is about!
— 2 weeks ago

After running into my bedroom door frame:

Katie:Ow oh my god who would put a door frame there?!
— 3 weeks ago
Katie:Can I have a hug?
Katie:If you give me a hug, you can ignore me for several hours.
Dad:Or I can not give you a hug and ignore you for several hours.
Katie:But my way maintains our relationship!
— 3 weeks ago
Katie:I'm polite to a lot of people that I don't like.
Katie:Which is most people.
— 3 weeks ago
Pocahontas:What's around the riverbend?
Pocahontas:Waiting just around the riverbend?
— 1 month ago
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At 3:20

Katie:Mom and Dad said they'd be home between 2 and 3.
Katie:They must not love us!
— 2 months ago
Katie:I have places to go!
Katie:Things to see!
Katie:People to murder!
— 6 months ago
Me:Why is the water taking so long to heat up?
Katie:Because the stove is broken.
Me:No, the oven is broken.
Katie:Oven, stove. Tomato, tom-ah-to.
— 6 months ago
Katie:You are LITERALLY crushing my spirit.
— 6 months ago

As she's setting out soup spoons:

Katie:Red for Elissa, because she's the spawn of Satan.
Katie:Blue for Dad, because of his eyes.
Katie:Yellow for Mom, because she's joyful like the sun.
Mom:Are you being racist again?
Katie:And green for me, because it's the leftover one.
Dad:Can you take another nap?
— 7 months ago
#christmas dinner 

Katie's First World Problem

Katie:The only thing on my Christmas list was fuzzy socks but my mom got me a computer instead!
Katie:She didn't get me any fuzzy socks.
— 7 months ago with 1 note
#first world problems  #quotesfromkatie 
Mom:What time are we meant to go over to Christmas brunch tomorrow?
Katie:Wasn't there a message?
Katie:Didn't they send an email?
Katie:Were we even invited?!
— 7 months ago with 1 note
Katie:Don't know why you watch Sons of Anarchy.
Dad:I want to be Jax.
Katie:Isn't it a little bit too late for that?
— 8 months ago
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